Valley Outpatient Rehabilitation at HealthPlex (VOR)

Valley Outpatient Rehabilitation logoValley Outpatient Rehabilitation or VOR, is a chain of outpatient rehabilitation sites affiliated with our health system specializing in physical, occupational and speech therapy services and treatments. Locations and telephone numbers are as follows:

VOR - Belle Vernon
Monongahela Valley Hospital HealthPlex
WillowPointe Plaza, Suite 110

VOR - Monongahela
1027 Country Club Road

The Belle Vernon VOR located in the Monongahela Valley Hospital HealthPlex also specializes in aquatic therapy and uses one of the largest warm water therapy pools in the region.

Please call any of the above locations for an appointment.

Our services include:

Physical Therapy

Certified Physical Therapists are onsite to help you get back on track towards complete recovery. Our therapists will work directly with your physician utilizing extensive onsite resources, including an aquatic therapy pool and computerized resistance equipment.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy program is designed to teach people how to communicate to the best of their ability. Professionally trained speech therapists assess speech and language disorders and develop a speech program tailored to the needs of each patient. Every patient receives individualized care, as the program is re-evaluated to keep up with the patient's changing skill level.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps a person suffering from an illness or injury learn the skills necessary to get back to living an independent life. Our skilled occupational therapists will develop a customized treatment program designed to improve the patient's ability to perform daily activities. The comprehensive program includes home and job site evaluations, performance skills assessments and adaptive equipment recommendations as well as counseling for family members and caregivers.